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Trade OptionFair

Trade OptionFair If you are not an expert of international finance, yet wish to take advantage of the global market, then your best course of action would be to enter into binary option trading. Since the last decade this method of trade has become highly popular due to a number of factors. It allows you to profit from global finance with small investment and no expert knowledge. Return rates are typically high while the maximum amount of possible losses are known beforehand. The most important decision that you have to take is to choose a suitable broker. OptionFair Trading is one of the leading brokers whom you may consider. You should know the method to trade OptionFair if you finally decide to use them for your binary options trading.

A step by step guide to trade OptionFair

The following instructions will help you to trade OptionFair:

  • In order to trade OptionFair, you will have to register yourself and open an account with them. Provide a username and password for quick access to your account.
  • Before you can trade OptionFair, you will need to deposit money in your account. You can use several methods like credit and debit cards and e wallets like Moneybookers (minimum deposit $250), Western Union and Money gram (minimum deposit $1500) or wire transfer (minimum deposit $500). You can choose dollar, pound or euro but you cannot change your currency at a later date. Once the funds have been transferred to your account, you are ready to trade OptionFair.
  • When you want to trade OptionFair, log on to your trading account using your username and password. Then you will have to choose an instrument of trading. You have to choose from high/low, boundary or one touch expiry options.
  • A scroll down menu will appear, offering you the choice of assets. OptionFair allows you to trade in stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs from all over the world. You will have to choose an asset in which to invest.
  • The next step is to make your prediction about the price of the asset. For high/low option, you will have to select between high and low; for boundary option you have to choose between in and out while for one touch option you will need to choose between touch and no touch.
  • The final step is to enter the amount that you wish to invest in your trade.
  • Once the above process is complete, you will have to wait for expiry. If your prediction is correct, you can get as high a return as 89% and it will be credited to your account.

Use the various tools to trade OptionFair

There are a number of information and analytical tools that are available for your use. You can use them effectively while you Trade OptionFair so as to maximize your chances of making a profit.