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OptionFair Review

OptionFair review has been the most popular of all. This is because OptionFair has been the most respected and admired binary options trading platform. Ever since its inception in 2009, this online options brokerage firm has grown from strength to strength.

OptionFair has made many pioneering advances in this space. It is the first broker to offer the One Touch option. Now this options feature is offered by so many online options brokers. From then till now, there have been a plethora of innovations. All this has been done with the single-minded dedication to bring value to traders.

Easiness of use is OptionFair’s benchmark

This is one of the most discussed facts in OptionFair review sections. Everything about OptionFair is easy. Its numerous features and tools are easy to operate. Its web interface is highly intuitive and user friendly.

Nowhere will you find trading so much fun as much as on OptionFair. And nowhere will you find so many choices in terms of assets. OptionFair has the widest range of liquid assets and financial instruments. Something that is unmatched. So you can say in one way OptionFair is in a league of its own. It has no competition because it is legions ahead of the rest.

OptionFair is a playground for traders

OptionFair review by experienced and novice traders has revealed that this platform can be used by anyone. The popular trading instruments offered are high/low, one touch, and boundary options.

You could be a trader of any nationality; you can still expect to trade on OptionFair. The platform’s user interface has multi-lingual support. Some of the major languages supported are English, Chinese, German, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, and Swedish to name a few.

You can trade in multiple asset classes. There are currency pairs, commodities, top stocks, and indices on the offing. The expiration periods are flexible too. You can choose from option expiry times that range from within an hour, day, week, and to even a month.

Start trading without any initial deposit

You don’t need to deposit money to complete the registration process. But you do need an initial investment to start trading. You have to select your trading currency during the registration process.

OptionFair review has favored the different modes of payment supported by this platform. You can make the initial investment through moneybooker, UKash, credit/debit cards, and wire transfers to name a few.

Before you open an account and start trading, it is recommended that you read the Frequently Asked Questions section to clear your doubts. You can also contact the OptionFair Support to get your queries resolved.

Returns on investment

OptionFair Trading has the highest returns on investment as compared to other online options broking firms. The payout percentages are in the range of 75% – 400%. Even if you lose a trade, you are entitled to a refund of up to 15% of the invested amount.

It would not be a blatant statement to make – OptionFair is the best in the business. OptionFair Review by thousands of satisfied traders vouches for this fact.