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June 2015 Promotions

Make the most out of your capital by trading with the best options broker in Europe – OptionFair. With our new OptionFair June 2015 Promotions for this summer, you can certainly earn more while enjoying your summer holidays.

Start with a 30% Boost
If you’re relatively new to the binary options trading world, or looking for a better binary options service provider, then you have certainly come to the right place. OptionFair is highly renowned in the options trading market, as the frequently high-rated OptionFair review articles hold true to this claim.

As a means to uphold this great reputation of ours, we are giving a 30% bonus to all new signees at OptionFair. As one of the events in the OptionFair June 2015 Promotions, we assure you that this a 100% trustworthy promo and not an OptionFair scam attempt in the works.

We are providing this generous promo to help new prospective traders. Firstly, you have to open an account with OptionFair, and then make a deposit using any of the secure OptionFair banking methods. Make a minimum deposit of £250, and we will boost your initial capital by 30%; meaning your initial £250 will become £325. This will help you in plenty of ways as you learn the ins and outs of binary options trading.

Weekly £25,000 Tournament
The OptionFair June 2015 Promotions aren’t only targeted towards new traders; we also have something for our loyal and seasoned traders. For this summer, a £25,000 pot every week is up for grabs in OptionFair’s FOREX Trading Tournament. In this tourney, it is certain that every pip would count! So gear up your business noses, hawk eyes, and divine prophesies to grab your share of that goodly £25,000 pot.

Or better yet, why not avail of the new OptionFair Signals service? With this signals service, you will gain more insight regarding the current trends on various assets, including FOREX. The signals will be sent directly to your mail or to your mobile device, using the OptionFair mobile trading platform.

You’d know that you are under the best care, when you experience the OptionFair June 2015 Promotions first-hand. Hesitate no further and Trade with Us Today!