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OptionFair Mobile

OptionFair MobileOptionFair mobile is a feature of the OptionFair binary options trading platform that lets you trade from your mobile phone. You can trade on the move courtesy the high availability of the mobile website. The user friendly web interface and high navigability help you think less of navigation and think more about trading.

How to access the mobile site of OptionFair

The steps to access the mobile site are limited. Within five steps you are already trading on OptionFair mobile.

  • Type and login.
  • On the user interface all instrument types are displayed. Choose your instrument type.
  • The next page displays all the assets. Choose your asset.
  • Choose the direction of the asset.
  • Enter the amount you wish to invest. Click buy to confirm this amount of investment.

That’s it. In five simple steps you have already started trading. You can always return to your home page and view the dashboard that lists all your open trades.

 Special Promotions at OptionFair

If you are already a trader at OptionFair you can receive a $50 bonus if you refer a friend. If you refer 100 friends, you get 100 x $50 = $500 bonus. Your friend gets a $25 bonus on the first deposit.

This Easter, you can go on a holiday courtesy OptionFair. If you make a $1000 deposit, you receive 10 trades – all of them risk free. You are entitled to refunds as well.

For more details on OptionFair mobile and bonuses contact the customer support.

Success never eludes OptionFair traders

  • At OptionFair it is not uncommon to see traders making more than 100% of the initial investment. This is a commonplace activity considering that almost everyone makes a profit here. This trading platform is designed to bring you profits. You seldom hear of people making losses and going home sulking.
  • But success has its preparation. You have to prepare well to succeed in options trading. Be it OptionFair mobile or web based, this online options broker provides you all the necessary resources. You have to use such resources to continuously improve yourself.
  • The more knowledge you gain, the more empowered you are. And this translates into making correct decisions. Unlike stock and forex market trading, options trading is fairly predictable. So you are in a win-win situation if you have sound financial knowledge.

How to get started at OptionFair

  • Whether you use OptionFair Mobile or the web based application, the preparation and context to trade is the same. You have to read the Frequently Asked Questions section initially. You then proceed to use the demo account.
  • Once you feel confident, you can start trading. OptionFair provides you a bonus on your first investment. This helps you start trading on a positive note.
  • The payouts are in the range of 75% to 400% of your initial investment. You are entitled to a refund of about 15%. Considering this, you can spread your investments across multiple assets. The sum total of all investment returns will still land you in profit.