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OptionFair Login

Before you setup your account and are ready to do the OptionFair login, you have to be cognizant of certain things. Firstly, you need to read the frequently asked questions section on the website. After reading this section, if you have any queries, you have to get it clarified right away.

OptionFair Trading customer support is available in many languages. You can contact them by phone, mail or chat. They are very knowledgeable and ready to support you. There is no right or wrong answer. You can ask any question you want. You will always get an answer. A positive answer and accurate answer.

OptionFair’s security policies are the best

This is one thing that you have to understand when you are on the OptionFair login page. You are entering a website that is highly secure. Your money is in safe hands. OptionFair views the security of transactions of its traders as the most important thing in its business.

Having already implemented robust security measures, OptionFair is always fortifying the existing security levels. As a trader you have utmost confidence when trading on OptionFair. Even if you invested thousands of dollars, you can do it without a moment’s hesitation.

Registration process

OptionFair login is allowed to you only if you complete the registration process. When registering with OptionFair do not make the cardinal mistake of divulging your username and password to a third party.

The username and password you enter are protected by encryption. They cannot be viewed by OptionFair Support team as well. So here as you can note, only you and only you can invoke the OptionFair login and enter your account successfully. There has never been a case when OptionFair personnel have asked a trader to reveal their password.

Password management

When you enter passwords, ensure you choose strong passwords. Even if you have a long password at the OptionFair Login page, it is worth it. The minimum length of the password is 5 characters and the maximum length is 15.

Use a combination of alphabets and digits. This helps to keep the strength of the password intact and improves its complexity. You will be required to periodically change your password after these many days. This is purely for a security purpose and should not be treated as an inconvenience.

Whenever you suspect that your password has been deciphered, the OptionFair login page has a provision to allow you to change your password.

OptionFair’s encryption standards

The encryption technology that OptionFair uses is 128 bit SSL encryption. This is the industry’s leading encryption technology. Most online options brokers with highly secure platforms use this technology. OptionFair was the first to adopt the use of this technology and the others merely followed.

This encryption mechanism protects passwords and other such sensitive data in a highly encrypted format. OptionFair backend support team has a policy to understand if this encryption technology is working with optimum integrity.

Security, reliability, robustness, and ease of use characterize the OptionFair trading platform. You will notice this from the time of OptionFair login to logout.