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OptionFair Demo Account

You can use the OptionFair demo account if you are new to the OptionFair Trading platform. This demo account could be useful to you even if you have never tried options trading. If this is the case, then a demo account is a perfect opportunity for you to take a litmus test on what exactly is options trading.

OptionFair provides you a 72 hour free trading window. During this timeframe you can use the real-time tools and resources offered. This is more than sufficient for you to gain a basic understanding. After this timeframe you have to invest an initial deposit to continue trading.

If you are an experienced trader, and you are new to OptionFair, you can use the OptionFair demo account for another purpose. You can use this account to understand the various features of this platform. You may also use this opportunity to gauge the quality of the OptionFair platform.

Why some online options brokers do not provide demo accounts?

Some of the well-known online binary options brokers don’t provide demo accounts. They don’t want to be exposed, examined, and gauged. They don’t want prospective traders to try and test and eventually not select them.

But OptionFair has a totally different perspective to this. By way of the OptionFair demo account, OptionFair helps traders assess the platform before making an informed decision. It has opened its platform to public scrutiny by way of the demo account.

This approach bestows tremendous confidence in traders. For OptionFair’s policies and approach to trading is transparent. In an ideal world, traders want more of such binary options brokers. But in reality, there are none – except for OptionFair, the world’s foremost and leading options broking firm.

Top Reasons to choose OptionFair

The word OptionFair has the term ‘fair’. This means that this platform offers everybody a chance. And it strongly adds to its already formidable reputation. OptionFair has the highest returns on investment in the industry. The percentage of returns is upwards of 75%.

The refunds are in the range of 0% – 15%. This presents an ideal opportunity for you to spread your investments across multiple asset categories.

OptionFair Review has indicated that traders preferred to trade in currencies. This trade category featured returns in the range of 80% – 85% consistently. This easily makes OptionFair as the only options trading platform with the highest returns on investment.

Superior customer experience

If high rates and OptionFair Demo Account was not enough, then there is superior customer support to complete the loop. Added to this, there are periodic OptionFair bonus and promotions.

OptionFair was the first online options trading platform to introduce the One Touch option. In short time other options brokers followed suit.

OptionFair has always been worthy of emulation. It is a precedent-setting online options broker. While it is the leader, others merely follow. And it will be a wise decision on your part to put your money on OptionFair, or rather put your money in it!