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OptionFair Bonus code

Obtain OptionFair bonuses using OptionFair bonus code. There are bonuses and promotion happening all year round. You should try to keep your eye and ears open to take advantage of these bonuses.

OptionFair bonus

  • When you make an initial deposit of $499, you are eligible for a bonus. You receive 10% of your investment returned to you. Your trading account with OptionFair will be credited with this amount.
  • If you make an initial deposit that is between $500 – $1000, you are entitled to receive a bonus of 20%. This amount is returned to you at your trading account with OptionFair.
  • Similarly, if you invest between $1000 – $1500, you stand to gain a 30% bonus.

There is no requirement to provide an OptionFair bonus code in such instances.

Terms and conditions of OptionFair bonus; code of transaction conduct and regulations

  • The bonus is not given more than one time for a registered user. No user can claim a bonus of more than one time. This is deemed as unethical.
  • You may make an initial deposit of a maximum of $1500. You cannot make an initial deposit more than this amount.
  • Bonuses are deposited into your trading account almost immediately. This means you can use them to start trading. There is no requirement to produce OptionFair bonus code for this.
  • However, you will need to complete these many transactions – 40 times the bonus value, to withdraw the bonus amount. For instance, if you receive a $20 bonus, you must complete 40 x $20 = $800 worth of transactions before you can successfully withdraw the bonus amount.

Tips to trade on OptionFair

  • Before beginning to trade on this binary options trading platform, it is recommended that you read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. Reading this section will give you an understanding of the various aspects of the OptionFair trading platform. You will understand how to use OptionFair bonus code, payouts, tools, demo account and much more.
  • OptionFair is a trader-centric options platform. It is suitable for all types of traders. You may be a novice, experienced, or an expert trader. You will still find trading on OptionFair a very fruitful activity.
  • There are so many resources and tools available for traders. You will be spoilt for choices. Each day will be a learning experience for you. And one day you can truly say that OptionFair played an important part into your becoming a successful binary options broker.

Choosing the account types

There are two primary account types – standard, and VIP. Registration for a standard account is free. You have to make an initial deposit of $250. If you are trading in another currency you have to make an investment of 250 units of your currency. In the case of Japanese Yen it is 20,000. Standard account lets you trade in assets that yield more than 85% returns.

After you have gained substantial experience, you can opt for a VIP account. This account provides you all the resources to trade in high-yielding assets and get huge returns on investment.