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OptionFair Bonus

You get an OptionFair bonus on registering with the options trading platform. 30% of your initial investment is returned to you as part of this bonus.

OptionFair features

OptionFair is a pioneering and trend setting online options brokerage firm. The main instrument types offered are High/Low, One Touch and Boundary trading. OptionFair is understood to have invented the One Touch feature. This feature is very popular today and used by other online options brokerage firms.

High/Low instrument – You predict if the value of an asset will increase or decrease within a timeframe. This timeframe is called the expiry of the option. The expiry can be an hour, a day, a week, and even a month.

One Touch – This is one OptionFair bonus feature that you don’t want to miss. Given its popularity it is clear that this feature is easy to use. You have to predict if the price of an asset will reach a target price or not within a timeframe. This is a very easy thing to do if you are well-versed with the ways of the financial and business world.

Boundary trading – You initially set price boundaries for an asset. You then predict if the underlying value of the asset will be within this boundary or out of it within the specified timeframe.

If you win, you get payouts that are in the range 75% – 400% of your investments. If you lose, some trades offer you 15% refund. If you have lots of money, you can spread your money across different asset classes. This way you minimize your risks and in the end make profits.

In a way, this is an OptionFair bonus considering that only this platform has features that support such investment flexibility.

The web based trading platform

OptionFair’s strength does not solely lie in its features. It has another feather in its cap. The web interface of this trading platform is the best in the world. Being a web based application; you can access the OptionFair platform from any corner of the world over an Internet connection. There is no requirement to download any client software to your laptop, smartphone or laptop.

The user interface is easy to navigate. Novice and experienced traders are comfortable using the web interface. When you open an account with OptionFair you can choose from three options – standard, gold, and platinum.

These three are account types. The standard account is for novice traders. The gold account is suited for experienced traders. And the platinum account is for binary options experts.

OptionFair bonus, promotions, and features

There are so many plusses of using this trading platform. You get periodic OptionFair bonus offers, promotions, free tools, and a lot more.

There is no dearth of information and resources on this trading platform. You are empowered to start trading and become successful. There are thousands of traders who are using OptionFair successfully from many years. So much so that they are doing this as a fulltime activity. Clearly, an OptionFair bonus afforded by few, and achieved by a highly professional options trading platform such as this.