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OptionFair PayPal

paypalOpening and operating an account is easy on OptionFair. PayPal, moneybookers, credit/debit cards, UKash are some of the ways you make deposits. When you sign up, you get a joining bonus. The bonus percentage is 30% onwards. For instance, if you invest $1000, you get 30% of $1000 returned to your account.

OptionFair trading instruments

There are three instrument types that you can choose from – High/Low, One Touch, and Boundary. All trade instruments rely on your capabilities to predict the price movement of an asset correctly. To improve your prospects of being accurate, you have to do your homework.

Life in options trading just does not start after you open an account with OptionFair; PayPal or wire transfer your payments and make the initial investment. In fact this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Your success is determined by how well you research, learn and implement your knowledge. In binary options, as with any other trading instrument, you always have to be the student. You can never say that you have attained mastery over the markets.

Which instrument type suits you?

It all boils down to how well you understand the markets. Making this choice is not like making other choices. For instance, for depositing money in OptionFair, PayPal could be your preferred medium. This is an easy decision to make. But what about which instrument type to trade in? Do you trade in High/Low, Boundary, or One Touch?

The common thing that connects all of these trading instruments is your ability to predict the movement of an asset’s price. Is it going down or up? Will it stay the same? So the unanimous answer to this is that it is not important which instrument you choose. What is important is how well you have mastered the art of price prediction.

The web user interface of OptionFair

As discussed earlier, opening an account is easy on OptionFair. OptionFair PayPal, OptionFair Moneybookers and OptionFair Ukash are some of the way you can make deposits. Everything is seamless, robust, integrated, and highly secure.

The best part or probably one of the best things about OptionFair is its unique user interface. You may be an experienced trader. There is a high probability that you can get bored using other online options trading platforms. But this is not the case with OptionFair. You will never get bored of the user interface. It is simply legendary and legendarily simple!

Being a web-based application, you can access OptionFair over an Internet connection. All your transactions are conducted securely over the Internet. This is courtesy OptionFair’s SSL encryption technology that is the best in the world.

You can choose from three types of accounts – Standard, Gold, and Platinum. Every account has a purpose. You can read the frequently asked questions section on OptionFair’s website to get more details on this. Additionally you can find information about how to open an account with OptionFair; PayPal, moneybookers, UKash settings and much more.