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OptionFair Asset Index

As the binary options trading has become more and more popular, a number of binary option broker have appeared in the market. You have to consider several factors for choosing the best OptionFair broker. OptionFair is one of the leading binary options broker. You can easily make profits as high as 89% on an average by trading with this broker. It offers a highly user friendly and simple trading platform where you choose an asset and simply predict the direction in which its price will move. If you are correct, you can get the high return on your investment. However, in order to invest well, you must know the choices that you have. For this purpose, a careful perusal of the OptionFair asset index is necessary.

What are included in the OptionFair asset index?

The OptionFair asset index includes more than one hundred assets from different markets of the world. You can trade in stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs from around the world. Here is a short description of the OptionFair asset index to help you choose your area of investment:

  • The OptionFair asset index offers a choice of over twelve indices representing all the major markets of the world. These include FTSE-100 Future, Nikkei-225 Future, SMI-Future, IBEX-35 Future, Hang Seng Future, CAC-40 Future, NIFTY-Future and many more. In the OptionFair asset index, you will get a detailed description of these indices and the trading hours of each of them.
  • The OptionFair asset index lists three commodities in which you can carry out binary options trading. These are gold, silver and crude oil. The short description and trading hours are given.
  • A huge number of currency pairs are offered by OptionFair binary options trading. You do not need to deal with the complexities of the traditional forex market to trade in these forex binary options. Neither do you require a huge investment or expert knowledge. Yet, with a little luck and prudence, you can earn highest percentage of profits from these currency pairs. The pairs that are listed in the OptionFair asset index are American dollar and pound, American dollar and euro, euro and Japanese yen, American and Australian dollar, yen and pound, American dollar and Norwegian krone, euro and Swiss franc, American dollar and Turkish lira and many more.
  • Finally, several stocks are also included in the OptionFair Asset Index. These include British Petroleum, Google, Apple, Sumitomo, Barclay’s, Sony etc.

Choose your asset well to make high profits

Though you will have a number of choices from the OptionFair asset index, you need to choose the assets in which you want to trade with care. Invest in markets or assets about which you have at least some idea and use the information and analytical tools to make a well thought out decision. These simple steps will hugely increase your chances of making a high profit from your transactions.