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Open an Account With OptionFair

When you open an account with OptionFair, you may be wondering how to make substantial profits on this trading platform. The good news is that you can make profits in this online options trading platform.

On opening an account, you are entitled to a bonus. Read the frequently asked questions to understand more on this.

If you are a novice trader, then you must know that this type of options trading is fixed risk trading. Additionally, it has a high potential to reward you with payouts. You do need a basic understanding of the financial markets, although it is not mandatory when you open an account with OptionFair.

OptionFair has the tools and resources to help traders

When you are on OptionFair, you are more surefooted than usual. Because this trading platform offers you the resources and tools to make informed decisions. It empowers you with knowledge – a vital ingredient to succeed in binary options trading.

No other online options trading platform provides you with so many features. Additionally, OptionFair offers you so many assets to trade in. Be it stocks, currencies, indices, and commodities, you have a range and variety of assets to choose from. And you’d be glad that you did Open an Account With OptionFair.

OptionFair guide – the determinants to a successful trade

  • OptionFair specializes in High/Low, Boundary, and One Touch binary options. Trading in binary options is influenced by various factors. But there are three main factors that determine the destiny of a trade. You need to have a firm understanding of this to succeed in options trading.
  • Market price – this is the current price of the asset. When you enter into a Call or Put contract, you have to check the market price of an asset.
  • Target price – When you open an account with OptionFair, you may come across many terms you would have heard for the first time if you are a novice trader. This is one amongst those terms and is very specific to binary options.

Target price is set by OptionFair. There is no fixed target price. Each contract has a target price. OptionFair’s target pricing algorithms are favorable to traders. OptionFair prices this benchmark price in a way so that traders have more chances of success. No other binary options platform does it. And this is a fact that is essayed by so many successful and content traders.

  • Expiry Time – After you open an account with OptionFair, you would definitely see multiple mentions of this term. Asset expiry time averages around 15 minutes on OptionFair. You could be comfortable with certain expiry times. And you may choose to specialize in those.

There are so many traders who are earning windfall profits on OptionFair Trading every week. They are making profits in excess of 400% of their invested amount. When you open an account with OptionFair, very soon you could be in that league.