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OptionFair Regulated

OptionFair RegulatedWith just one look, you can already say that OptionFair has it all: excellent trading platform, great trading tools and assets, convenient banking options, and efficient customer support. Yes, all of these features can sure give you a great trading experience. However, to make this experience the best, you must know the answer to this question: ‘Is OptionFair Regulated?’

It is very important for a binary options trading platform to be regulated. Unlike other financial markets, trading with binary options is considered OTC (Over-the-Counter) Market. Hence, its industry is done in a self-regulated environment and you can never assure of its reliability and authenticity unless it is authorized by financial bodies. Therefore, as a way to give best reasons for the customers to trust them, OptionFair give their bests to finally be regulated.

Since OptionFair is known to provide only the finest when it comes to binary options trading, OptionFair Regulated was made possible. Hence, the answer to the question above is YES, OptionFair is licensed and authorized by no other than CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). With this, you can guarantee 100% that its trading platform including its entire component are all safe, secured, and most definitely reliable.

For it to finally be regulated OptionFair adheres to stringent requirements by CySEC and it includes ensuring of the following things:

  • Fair Payout Rates – Reasonable payout rates are given by OptionFair to their clients who hit perfect trades. Hence, trading with this broker can sure give you a profit that will worth every single amount of your investments.
  • Just Price Quotes – With OptionFair Regulated, you can assure that the actual pricing of the trades are governed and reviewed by a financial body. Hence, you can just fully relax while trading since you already know that the platform you are in will never cheat you in any way.
  •  Secured Funds – Unlike unregulated trading platforms, OptioFair keeps your funds in a fully segregated on-shore bank account. Hence, you can guarantee of its safety as you can sure withdraw your funds as well as profits anytime you want.
  • Reliable Trading tools and signals – Being licensed and authorized, OptionFair’s trading tools and signals are certainly reliable since it has been reviewed and evaluated thoroughly by independent financial institutions.

With OptionFair Regulated, you can keep calm that the platform you are trading in is not engaged into any shady business. All kinds of best features will surely be given to you plus the assurance your investment are safe and secured since you are trading with OptionFair, an excellent, honest, and regulated trading platform. There are very few binary options broker that were able to acquire license and get regulated; hence, OptionFair is a sure good catch.